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Software and Data Analysis Support Materials

We offer a variety of support materials for our software products, including documentation, educational and tutorial videos.

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Software Support Documentation

We offer a variety of support documents for our software products, including several guides, specification sheets, release notes, etc.

Bionano Access™ and Solve Software

Analysis Quick Start
Analysis Quick Start: Annotated Rare Variant Calling - 30375, Rev A
Data Interpretation Guide
Visualizing Different Classes of Structural Variants in Bionano Access Software – 30548, Rev A
Data Collection Guidelines - 30173, Rev F
Bionano Access: Dashboard and Chip Metrics Guidelines - 30304, Rev B
Saphyr Molecule Quality Report Guidelines - 30223, Rev C
Bionano Access: De Novo Assembly Informatics Report Guidelines - 30255, Rev D
Bionano Access: Hybrid Scaffold Report Guidelines - 30324, Rev A
Installation Guide
Bionano Solve Installation Guide - 30182, Rev L
Bionano Access Installation Guide - 30170, Rev AF
Release Notes
Bionano Solve v3.7 Release Notes - 30456, Rev C
Bionano Access v1.7 Release Notes - 30451, Rev D
Specification Sheet
BNX File - 30038, Rev F
CMAP File - 30039, Rev H
XMAP File - 30040, Rev B
SMAP File - 30041, Rev H
BED File - 30164, Rev B
SVMerge File - 30165, Rev F
Hybrid Scaffold Conflict Cut Status File - 30166, Rev A
Structural Variant Annotation Pipeline File - 30168, Rev G
EnFocus FSHD Analysis JSON File - 30322, Rev B
EnFocus Fragile X Analysis JSON File - 30458, Rev A
VCF File - 30459, Rev A
Absence/Loss of Heterozygosity Pipeline File - 30460, Rev A
Copy Number Variant Annotation Pipeline File - 30461, Rev A
Technical Documentation
How to Align a bnx to a Reference - 30194, Rev B
Running Bionano Solve Pipeline on Command Line - 30205, Rev H
How to enable HTTPS in Bionano Access - 30377, Rev B
Bionano Access API Guide - 30462, Rev A
Theory of Operation
Structural Variant Calling - 30110, Rev L
Variant Annotation Pipeline - 30190, Rev K
EnFocus FSHD Analysis - 30321, Rev C
EnFocus Fragile X Analysis - 30457, Rev A
Hybrid Scaffolding - 30073, Rev F
User Guide
Bionano Access Software User Guide - 30142, Rev N

Software Support Videos

Watch these short software tutorial and educational videos to learn how to perform administrative functions or get the most out the software with in-depth sessions on how to execute certain features.

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