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Our suite of software solutions for data analysis consists of NxClinical, Bionano Access™, Nexus Copy Number, and Compute on Demand.

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NxClinical Software

NxClinical is a platform-agnostic  decision support software for comprehensive case analysis, interpretation, management, and reporting that is customizable for  constitutional and oncology applications.

NxClinical provides molecular genetics and cytogenomics labs a centralized solution spanning multiple technologies and applications with intelligent variant interpretation automation to expedite analysis time.  The software program includes proven algorithms for the detection of copy number and allelic events from microarray and NGS methodologies (eg.panels, WES, &WGS) with best-in-class genomic visualization to increase clarity on the results. NxClinical enables for the combined analysis of CNV, LOH and sequence variants to extract meaningful insights from genomic data  to replace multiple software systems performing different functions and streamline the analysis workflow.

Bionano Access™ Software

Bionano Access provides comprehensive insights to optical genome mapping data. The software serves as the hub for Saphyr operations. It allows the user to set up runs, remotely monitor real-time data quality metrics , visualize scaffolds and structural variants, and filter, annotate, and export structural variant calls. The program runs as a browser-based software accessible from a web server or installed on your network.

Bionano Access can also be set up as a “standalone” installation for those customers without a Saphyr system who wish to visualize and analyze Bionano data.


Nexus Copy Number Software

Nexus Copy Number is a desktop software program for the analysis of DNA copy number variation from microarray and NGS data. The user-friendly software efficiently allows users to detect copy number and allelic events from multiple technologies and load sequence variants or gene expression results for co-analysis. Copy number variation can be estimated (via BAM files) from whole-genome, whole-exome, and targeted NGS panels and associated sequence variants (typically via VCF and MAF files) can be visualized and analyzed. Nexus Copy Number also integrates single sample gene expression results to provide a complete genomics solution.

Nexus Copy Number supports virtually any aCGH, SNP array, or NGS platform and data generated by various array image analysis software tools such as GenePix and ImaGene.

Bionano Compute On Demand

Bionano Compute On Demand is a pay-per-use solution accessible through Bionano Access web server for your Bionano Solve operations. Compute On Demand simplifies the way you perform genome assembly, hybrid scaffolding, and structural variant analysis, without the need for any additional infrastructure, providing a flexible and scalable informatic solution.


Catalog Number(s) 90047 Bionano Compute On Demand, US
90128 Bionano Compute On Demand, CANADA
90052 Bionano Compute On Demand, GERMANY
90060 Bionano Compute On Demand, EUROPE


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