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Simple, Automated Genomic DNA and RNA Isolation

Downstream analytical assays require the highest level of yield and purity to ensure the best representation of your sample. Bionano’s Nucleic Acid Purification Kits provide a simple and efficient method for extracting DNA or RNA from even the most precious and challenging samples. Once the desired sample has been prepped using the corresponding Nucleic Acid Purification Kit, simply load the sample onto the Ionic.

Ionic® Purification Kits for FFPE and Related Samples

Bionano provides a suite of nucleic acid purification sample prep kits for simple and automated isolation of genomic DNA and RNA from a range of valuable sample types. Once the desired nucleic acid has been isolated, you can go straight into the next step of your workflow.

Achieve nucleic acid extraction from valuable and low- yielding samples

Using the Ionic purification kits, you can achieve a high level of isolation and even sample recovery, with traditionally challenging samples. Using 50 – 300 mm2 cross sections of sample, successfully isolate the desired nucleic acid in approximately 75 minutes with minimal hands-on time.

Maximize purification yield and quality

Using the Ionic purification kits, recover roughly 4.5x more DNA from FFPE sample over traditional column methods. Bionano’s Ionic purification kits with G2 chemistry produce greater purity and concentration than leading isolation methods for increased confidence in your assays.

Streamline your workflow by utilizing the power of automation

Using the Ionic system with Bionano’s Ionic purification kits to enhance throughput, a single operator can isolate nucleic acid from up to 48 samples a day. This system requires just a few minutes of hands-on time per sample, minimizing user error and improving reliability. The Ionic system simplifies and accelerates nucleic acid purification, resulting in higher yields of higher quality DNA.

Increase Efficiency with a Simplified FFPE Workflow 3 Minutes Hands-on Time per Chip with Fewer Manual Steps

The Ionic® Purification System builds efficiency in your experimental workflow in addition to the advantages in quantity and quality of nucleic acids extracted. Extract eight samples with minimal hands-on time and no separate steps required to de-paraffinize or de-crosslink samples.

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