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Prepare Samples for Optical Genome Mapping using Bionano’s Complete Sample Preparation Solutions

Optical genome mapping (OGM) requires labeled ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) DNA for identification of structural variants. Bionano provides a suite of DNA sample prep kits for simple and robust isolation of UHMW DNA from a range of important sample types. Once DNA has been isolated, our Direct Label and Stain (DLS) kits can be used to label DNA for use with the Saphyr system.

Our Generation 2 Kits, with robust enhancements and optimizations to our sample preparation OGM workflow allows you to achieve sample-to-answer in just 3 to 4 days!

Sample Preparation Product Sheet

Get a complete overview of Bionano’s sample preparation kits and learn about our NEW Generation 2 (G2) kits.


Achieve robust isolation and labeling of UHMW DNA.

The ability to visualize large genomic structural variants requires exceptionally large intact fragments of DNA. The Bionano solution phase (SP) technology allows for the isolation of DNA fragments that can achieve >1 Mbp in length and routinely yields average fragments of >230 kbp.

Putting this in perspective, short read sequencing produces reads of up to 150 bp while leading high accuracy long-read sequencing provides read lengths up to 25kb.

Isolate DNA from a range of important sample types.

The latest Bionano SP DNA prep kits are capable of purifying UHMW DNA from tissue and tumor, bone marrow aspirate (BMA), blood and cells as well as plant and animal tissue. This sample diversity makes OGM suitable for use in a broad range of studies and applications in oncology, constitutional genetic disease, bioprocessing and general research.

Bionano’s SP kits require 1.5 * 10^6 cells (blood, cell lines and BMA) or 10 – 30 mg of tissue as input. UHMW DNA is isolated in about four hours using a lyse, bind, and wash process, and novel paramagnetic disks.

Enhance throughput by adding the power of automation to your workflow.

Bionano has partnered with the Hamilton Company to deliver the world’s first automated platform for the isolation of ultra-high molecular weight DNA: The Hamilton Long String Star V.

The Long String Star V is an assay-ready workstation that functions seamlessly with Bionano’s G2.LS DNA Isolation kits. Using a single Long String Star V platform, a single operator can isolate UHMW DNA from 24 samples per day.

View Hamilton Long String Star V Brochure

Label isolated DNA for optical genome mapping with Bionano DLS kits

Starting with UHMW DNA purified using the appropriate Bionano Prep Kit, fluorescent labels are attached to a 6 bp sequence motif, occurring, on average, 20 times per 100 kbp in the human genome. Fluorescent labels are attached via the direct label and stain technology (DLS) which is nondestructive and leaves DNA samples intact. The result is uniquely identifiable genome-specific label patterns that enable de novo map assembly, anchoring sequencing contigs, and discovery of structural variations starting at 500 bp.

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