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Complete Solutions for OGM Data Management and Processing

Bionano Compute solutions include a complete suite of hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions. It provides end-to-end experiment management and bioinformatics processing, along with convenient management and monitoring tools for the Saphyr™ and Stratys™ instruments.

The Stratys™ Compute high performance workstation provides the throughput to keep your workflow moving to scale.

  • Powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, delivers significantly faster runtimes and lower compute costs. 
  • Cutting-edge technology powers acceleration achieved through software releases
  • Delivers the best possible sensitivity to detect of all classes of SVs genome wide with the latest informatics pipeline for OGM data
  • Installed alongside the Stratys instrument to reduce IT burden and implementation time
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Reduce infrastructure costs and increase your OGM capacity.

Bionano Compute On Demand is a pay-per-use solution accessible through Bionano Access web server for Bionano Solve operations. Compute On Demand simplifies the way you perform OGM data analysis from the Saphyr™ or Stratys™ instruments without the need for any additional infrastructure, providing the flexibility and scalability your experiment deserves. Advantages include the ability to:

  • Analyze large genomes and a high number of samples simultaneously
  • Perform pipeline analysis operations without worrying about server capacity
  • Protect data via encryption for secure operations
  • Ensure data center compliance with IPAA, CSA, SOC2, and ITAR regulations

Control access to genomic data for end-users Bionano Compute On Demand requires Bionano Access 1.6.1, which is available on our Software Downloads page.

Get high-speed, on-site, OGM data processing power for the Saphyr™.

The Saphyr™ Compute Server offers cluster-like performance in an affordable, compact solution. Capable of performing multiple simultaneous analyses and sustaining continuous throughput, the Saphyr™ Compute Server allows you to spend less time waiting for data so you can focus on investigating results.

  • Perform rare variant analysis and annotation  of a human genome in approximately nine hours
  • A simple web-based interface enables integration into virtually any network setup

Add more processing power for Saphyr™.

The Bionano Compute Server is a secondary compute server that offers the ability to perform automated genome assembly, hybrid scaffolding, and structural variant calling in parallel with the Saphyr™ Compute Server. You can use additional Bionano Compute Servers for increased processing power for your Saphyr™ instrument.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Saphyr™ Computing Needs

Compute Server

  • Expect to run servers for >25% of the time
  • Execute consistent loads
  • Does not permit internet access
  • Optimized for human genomes

Compute On Demand

  • Execute variable workloads
  • Requires no upfront server costs
  • No on-site compute infrastructure set up
  • Optimized for human genomes

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