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Saphyr Instrument

Product Saphyr Instrument
Catalog Number(s) 90023

The Saphyr System automates optical genome mapping of ultra-high molecular weight DNA in its native state in proprietary NanoChannel arrays on the Saphyr Chip. The system is comprised of the Saphyr instrument, Saphyr chips, and compute solutions, which together allow for unparalleled structural variation sensitivity, genome assembly contiguity hundreds of times that of short-read sequencing alone, and the accuracy to correct sequencing-based assembly errors.

The current (Gen 2) Saphyr System (P/N 60325) allows for two G2 Saphyr Chips to be loaded on the instrument simultaneously. The older (Gen 1) Saphyr System (P/N 60239) runs a single chip at a time but can be configured to run two chips with a hardware update.

Instrument 1 each
Monitor 1 each
Keyboard 1 each
Mouse 1 each
PC 1 each
Accessory Kit 1 each
Bionano Access Server (required) 1 each
*Saphyr Compute (80013) or Bionano Compute Server (80014) to be ordered separately

Saphyr Chips

Product Information
Product Saphyr Chips
Catalog Number(s) 20366 Saphyr Chip G2.3
20367 Saphyr Chip G2.2
20319 Saphyr Chip G1.2

The Saphyr Chips™ (G2.3 and G2.2) contain three and two flowcells each, respectively. Each flowcell is independent of the others and can be loaded with a distinct sample. Combined with the Gen 2 chip clip, these chips are used with the 60325-version Saphyr System (Gen 2) to directly image linearized DNA molecules. These chips can collect a maximum throughput of 5 terabase pairs per flowcell. The G2 chips are compatible with 60239-version Saphyr systems (Gen 1) but a hardware upgrade is required.

The Saphyr Chip™ (G1.2) contains two flowcells. Combined with the Gen 1 chip clip, this chip is used with the 60239-version Saphyr System (Gen 1) to directly image linearized DNA molecules. These chips can collect a maximum throughput of 1,300 gigabase pairs per flowcell.

20366 Saphyr Chip G2.3 3 Flowcells 15,000 Gbp Throughput 4°C Storage
20367 Saphyr Chip G2.2 2 Flowcells 10,000 Gbp Throughput 4°C Storage
20319 Saphyr Chip G1.2 2 Flowcells 2600 Gbp Throughput 4°C Storage
60309 Chip Clip for G1 chips N/A
80034 Chip Clip for G2 chips N/A

Compute Servers

Product Information
Product Compute Servers
Catalog Number(s) 80013 Saphyr Compute Server
80014 Bionano Compute Server

The Saphyr Compute Server offers cluster-like performance in an affordable, compact solution, and comes pre-installed with our Bionano Solve compute software. Bionano Solve performs all post-run analysis jobs, including automated de novo assembly, rare variant analysis, variant annotation, copy number calling, hybrid scaffolding, etc. A simple web-based interface enables integration into virtually any network setup.

The Bionano Compute Server is a standalone, secondary compute server that works in parallel with the Saphyr Compute Server. Additional Bionano Compute Servers can be added for increased data processing power.


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