Reveal all classes of structural variants using Bionano’s optical genome mapping Stratys™ System. Explore the Stratysphere!

Your Web-based Optical Genome Mapping Hub

Bionano Access™ software lets you remotely manage experimental and analytical operations, then supports complete characterization of structural variants.

Manage and monitor your runs.

Set up runs and monitor data quality metrics remotely in real-time, then automatically start data analysis once data collection is complete.

Dive into sample data to understand structural variants.

Visualize and manipulate optical genome maps with rich capabilities that let you investigate the data underlying identified structural variants.

Compare structural variants between samples.

Differentiate de novo and inherited variants through familial trio analysis or identify somatic variants with tumor vs. matched control comparisons.

Use Bionano Access™ to analyze familial trios to identify inherited and de novo variants or find somatic variants by comparing tumors vs. matched control samples.

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