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This SP-G2 Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) DNA Isolation Kit can provide ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) genomic DNA (gDNA) in approximately five hours from 1.5 million white blood cells (WBC) of frozen human bone marrow aspirates (BMA). It utilizes an improved lyse, bind, wash, and elute procedure that is common for silica-based gDNA extraction technologies in combination with a novel paramagnetic disk. Unlike magnetic beads and silica spin columns, which shear large gDNA, the Nanobind Disk binds and releases gDNA with significantly less fragmentation, resulting in UHMW gDNA.

kit contents

PART NO. Component Volume Storage SDS
20442 RBC Lysis Solution 18 ml 15-30°C Download
20374 Cell Buffer 50 ml 15-30°C Download
20443 Digestion Enhancer 4.0 ml 15-30°C Download
20444 Lysis and Binding Buffer (LBB) 1.2 ml 15-30°C Download
20445 Wash Buffer 1 (WB1) 4.5 ml 15-30°C Download
20446 Wash Buffer 2 (WB2) 6.0 ml 15-30°C Download
20378 Elution Buffer (EB) 1.1 ml 15-30°C Download
20447 DE Detergent 55 μl 15-30°C Download
20448 4mm Nanobind Disks 12 ea. 15-30°C
20449 Protein LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 ml 2 x 12 ea. 15-30°C
20450 Protein LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes, 0.5 ml 12 ea. 15-30°C
20451 Magnetic Retriever Plastic Sheath 12 ea. 15-30°C
20452 Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2 ml 12 ea. 15-30°C
20423 DNA Stabilizer 350 μl 15-30°C Download
20455 RNase A 150 μl 2°C-8°C Download
20355 Ultra Pure Water 2 x 900 μl 2°C-8°C Download
20441 Thermolabile Proteinase K (TLPK) 150 μl -15°C to -25°C Download
20464 BMA Filter 24 ea. 15-30°C
20452 Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2 ml 2 x 12 ea. 15-30°C
20398 DNA Stabilizer 4 ml 15-30°C Download

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