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Bionano Prep SP Tissue and Tumor DNA Isolation kit (#80038) utilizes a lyse, bind, wash, and elute procedure with a novel paramagnetic Nanobind disk, which binds and releases gDNA with minimal fragmentation, resulting in ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) gDNA. This kit replaces our previous plug lysis-based Animal Tissue DNA Isolation kit (#80002). This kit can be used for processing fresh or frozen samples. Up to 8 tissue or tumor samples can be processed in a 6-hour period, with typical yields from 10 mg of tissue to be 6 ug of UHMW gDNA. We have validated a wide variety of tissue types and sources with this kit for successful UHMW DNA isolation (see protocol for details).

Kit Contents

Part No. Component Volume Storage SDS
20402 4 mm Nanobind disk 10 disks room temp
20380 Protein LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 ml 10 tubes room temp
20396 Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2 ml 10 tubes room temp
20403 40 μlm Cell Strainer 10 each room temp
20405 Detergent 150 μl room temp Download
20404 Salting Buffer 1.1 ml room temp Download
20406 Homogenization Buffer 96 ml room temp Download
20407 Wash Buffer A 12 ml room temp Download
20372 Proteinase K 0.5 ml room temp Download
20375 Lysis and Binding Buffer (LBB) 2.5 ml room temp Download
20376 Wash Buffer 1 Concentrate (2.5X) (WB1) 2 x 3.25 ml room temp Download
20377 Wash Buffer 2 Concentrate (2.5X) (WB2) 5 ml room temp Download
20378 Elution Buffer (EB) 1.1 ml room temp Download
20381 SP Sheaths 10 each room temp

related support materials

Bionano Prep SP Tissue and Tumor DNA Isolation Protocol - 30339, Rev A

Also available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Bionano Prep SP Brain Tissue DNA Isolation Tech Note - 30400, Rev A

Note: This tech note is not a fully validated protocol. It has been only used to isolate UHMW DNA from non-tumorous healthy adult rat brain tissue and non-tumorous human brain tissue for the Saphyr system. For brain tumor tissue or other tissue/tumor types, please refer to document 30339.

Tissue and Tumor Collection, Storage, and Shipping Instructions - 30186, Rev C

SP Prep Tissue and Tumor DNA Isolation: Homogenization and Filtration [Video]

Video demonstration of the homogenization and filtration steps of the Bionano SP Tissue and Tumor DNA isolation protocol. Also available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.


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