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title date Authors
Genomics via Optical Mapping (I): 0-1 Laws for Mapping with Single ... November 22, 2013 Thomas Anantharaman, Bud Mishra
Genome mapping on Nanochannel arrays for structural variation analysis and sequence ... November 4, 2013 Ernest T Lam, Alex Hastie, Chin Lin, Dean Ehrlich, Somes K Das, Michael D A
ustin, Paru Deshpande, Han Cao, Niranjan Nagarajan, Ming Xiao, Pui-Yan Kwok
Rapid Genome Mapping in Nanochannel Arrays for Highly Complete and Accurate De Novo ... February 6, 2013 Alex R. Hastie, Lingli Dong, Alexis Smith, Jeff Finklestein, Ernest T. Lam,
Naxin Huo, Han Cao, Pui-Yan Kwok, Karin R. Deal, Jan Dvorak, Ming-Cheng Lu
o, Yong Gu, Ming Xiao
Multicolor super-resolution DNA imaging for genetic ... July 11, 2012 Murat Baday, Aaron Cravens, Alex Hastie, HyeongJun Kim, Deren E. Kudeki, Pu
i-Yan Kwok, Ming Xiao, Paul R. Selvin
Single molecule linear analysis of DNA in nano-channel labeled with sequence specific ... August 10, 2010 Somes K. Das, Michael D. Austin, Matthew C. Akana, Paru Deshpande, Han Cao,
Ming Xiao
Single-molecule denaturation mapping of DNA in nanofluidic ... July 27, 2010 Walter Reisner, Niels B Larsen, Asli Silahtaroglu, Anders Kristensen, Niels
Tommerup, Jonas O Tegenfeldt, Henrik Flyvbjerg
DNA in Nanochannels – directly visualizing genomic ... January 25, 2010 Fredrik Persson, Jonas O Tegenfeldt
Rapid DNA mapping by fluorescent single molecule ... December 24, 2006 Ming Xiao, Angie Phong, Connie Ha, Ting-Fung Chan, Dongmei Cai, Lucinda Leu
ng, Eunice Wan, Amy L Kistler, Joseph L DeRisi, Paul R Selvin, Pui-Yan Kwok
Restriction mapping in nanofluidic ... July 19, 2005 Robert Riehn, Manchun Lu, Yan-Mei Wang, Shuang Fang Lim, Edward C Cox, Robe
rt H Austin
Single-molecule studies of repressor-DNA interactions show long-range ... June 30, 2005 Y M Wang, Jonas O Tegenfeldt, W Reisner, R Riehn, Xiao-Juan Guan, Ling Guo,
Ido Golding, Edward C Cox, James Sturm, Robert H Austin

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