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A Platform-Agnostic Tertiary Analysis Software

Comprehensive and up-to-date decision support solution for cytogenomics and molecular genetics to assist with the analysis and interpretation of genomic variants from microarray and NGS data.

Achieve accurate, efficient variant interpretation from a single-screen view.

With the NₓClinical software, you get:

  • Complete visibility into a comprehensive set of public repositories for germline and somatic pipelines
  • Event-level details
  • Pre-classification according to published society guidelines (i.e. ACMG, NCCN, and WHO guidelines) or SAP scoring
  • Historical contextualization to previous calls  
    • Custom Knowledgebase
    • Audit log
    • Similarity to previous cases

Visualize multiple tracks of genomic data for the at-a-glance context of variant calls.

NₓClinical offers multi-platform integration by:

  • Combining current and historical molecular data from array and sequencing for sample continuity
  • Comparing and contrasting outputs from multiple technologies to understand the underlying biology
  • Allowing custom loading of .BED files to highlight areas of specific interest
  • Uncovering compound heterozygous aberrations

Get continuous, community-driven updates that match the pace of innovation in genomics.

Bionano is committed to providing:

  • Current reference genomes
  • Updated pipelines
  • Curation excellence
  • Regular introduction of new features for emerging applications


See how PerkinElmer Genomics uses the power of NₓClinical’s capabilities to call CNVs from NGS.

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Read more about homologous recombination deficiency and how Bionano NxClinical software provides in-depth analysis of HRD.

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Learn how Ambry Genetics used NxClinical software to increase their case review efficiency by 5X.

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“At the UCSD clinical genetics lab, we are tasked with providing a complete and clinically actionable genomic profile of a tumor. NₓClinical allows us to do this rapidly and comprehensively by allowing us to consider CNV, LOH, and sequence variants together within a single software.”

Dr. Sarah Murray
Director of Genomics Technologies, UC San Diego, CA, USA

“Adoption of the NₓClinical software has provided an efficient and secure workflow for our data batch loading and processing at our high-volume clinical laboratory.”

Dr. Karine Hovanes, PhD, FACMG
Vice President of Scientific Advancement and Laboratory Director, Invitae

“We were eager to be part of the Early Access program and try out NₓClinical. We have now been using NₓClinical for many years, and each release has features that we find really useful. BioDiscovery has also been very receptive to feedback from us on feature requests and we are happy to see many of those implemented as they make our interpretation process even easier.”

Dr. Sharon Mexal
Senior Director of Clinical Operations, Ambry Genetics

“My CAP/CLIA clinical lab has used BioDiscovery CNV software since 2012. I have evaluated many CNV analysis software programs and the BioDiscovery software always has been the best choice for my lab. BioDiscovery listens to their customers and utilizes this information to improve and refine their software for clinical laboratories.”

Todd Ackely
Manager, Michigan Molecular Genetics Laboratory (MMGL)

“NₓClinical software allows us to comprehensively analyze CNV, LOH, and sequence variants together. The local database functionality has provided a lot of valuable experience for us. We can directly access an up-to-date integrated database within the NₓClinical software and add tracks to the genome browser for clinical analysis requirements.”

Liqiang Song
Data Analyst, Be Creative Lab

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