Reveal all classes of structural variants using Bionano’s optical genome mapping Stratys™ System. Explore the Stratysphere!

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Unraveling Complex Variants: Understand how Optical Genome Mapping provides unparalleled resolution in identifying structural and copy number variants in hematologic malignancies​​.

Overcoming Traditional Limits: Discover how OGM surpasses classical cytogenomic methods like karyotyping and FISH, filling critical gaps in current approaches​​.

Enhancing Clinical Research: Learn about the potential of OGM in improving risk stratification and finding more pathogenic variants in hematological malignancy studies​.

Streamlining Lab Workflows: Explore how OGM simplifies and accelerates the cytogenomic process, offering operational efficiencies and cost savings​​.

Real-World Applications: Gain insights from peer-reviewed studies and real-world experiences demonstrating the effectiveness and advantages of OGM in cytogenomics​​.

Dive into the eBook to see how Optical Genome Mapping is transforming cytogenomics and advancing the Hematologic Malignancy field.

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