Reveal all classes of structural variants using Bionano’s optical genome mapping Stratys™ System. Explore the Stratysphere!

Downloading the interactive flip-book will provide:

  • Overview of Current Challenges in genome integrity assessment for Cell & Gene Therapies: an in-depth look at the limitations of current methods, including karyotyping, PCR, CMA, and NGS, and how they fall short in reliably detecting structural variants and genomic abnormalities.
  • An Innovative Approach to Genomic Integrity Assessment: Learn how OGM revolutionizes the assessment of genome integrity and screening for off-target events in cell and gene therapies.
  • Real-world Utilization and Testimonials: Insights from professionals in the field, including pathologists and scientists, sharing their experiences with optical genome mapping and real-world evidence of the technology’s impact on research and therapeutic development.

Take a step forward in the latest advancements in cell and gene therapy quality control and genomic integrity assessment. Download the Flipbook now.